MWA Software is pleased to announce the immediate availability of IBX for Lazarus (release 1.1-0). IBX for Lazarus is derived from the Open Source edition of IBX published by Borland/Inprise in 2000 under the InterBase Public License. This version has been brought up-to-date by MWA Software and focused on the Firebird Database API for both Linux and Windows platforms. It is released under the InterBase Public License for the original code and under the compatible Initial Developers Public License for new software. Both Licenses permit commercial use.


MWA Software is pleased to announce that Eurocontrol has awarded the company a follow on software development and support contract for the LISAT system. LISAT (Link2000+ Statistics and Analysis Tool) was developed by MWA Software for Eurocontrol and provides a database of all Air/Ground Data Communications messages used for ATN and FANS/1 Flights in European Airspace. ATN Data Link equipage is now mandatory for new commercial aircraft operating in European Airspace and from 2014 must be retrofitted to all aircraft. The LISAT is used for analysis of the use of datalink and also provides an historical record. It is now being rolled out to European ATC Centres.

New Firebird Merge Modules for Firebird 2.1.4 and Firebird 2.5.0 have now been released.

MWA Software has provided and will continue to support its JPEG, GIF and Texting editing components for Delphi/C++Builder 2007 and older. However, recognising that all of our current business is moving rapidly to Linux based systems, we are currently not planning to upgrade internally to later versions of Delphi/C++ Builder and hence make no offers of support for later versions. Our users may wish to note that Delphi 2007 compiled programs appear to work very well under Linux/Wine.