The IBX for Lazarus Source code can be browsed using:


You can also check out the latest release using

svn co https://svn.mwasoftware.co.uk/public/ibx/tags/R2-0-2 ibx

The latest version of the source code including recent patches can also be checked out using

svn co https://svn.mwasoftware.co.uk/public/ibx/trunk ibx

These are tested fixes and recommended for all users.

You can find out more about subversion from here.

The up-to-date consolidated (IBX and fbintf) ChangeLog for trunk (fixes to 2.0.2) is: (Last Updated 26th October 2017)

1. IBCustomDataset: Minor change of PChar to PByte for compatibility with fbintf

2. IBCustomDataset: Fixed use of incorrect datasize in TIBStringField.SetAsString.
   Bug could result in truncated multi-byte character set values.

3. FBINTF: Fix issues with setting SQL Param values using SetAsString with Numeric types.
   Scale is no longer ignored.

4. FBINTF: Fix issues with setting SQL Param values using SetAsString with Date values
   not in locale format but which are recognised by Firebird. Date values that
   cannot be converted to a string using Pascal library are now passed through
   to Firebird as Text Strings.

5. FBINTF:Lookup character set name by codepage amended to ensure that CP_UTF8 returns
   UTF8 and not UNICODE_FSS.

6. FBINTF:Charset ID problem. When using Firebird 3, with no default database character set
   and a column has a non-default collation specified, an incorrect character set
   id was being reported that could result in a 'division by zero' error when
   used by IBX. This has now been fixed.

7. FBINTF:Move GetCharsetName, CharSetID2CodePage, CodePage2CharSetID, CharSetName2CharSetID,
   CharSetWidth from IFirebirdAPI to IAttachment. This is a better data model as
   the character sets supported can be updated on a per database basis. That is
   it is possible to add a (Firebird) user defined character set to a database.

8. FBINTF: Add RegisterCharSet to IAttachment. This is used to register a user defined character
   set supported by Firebird with the API.

9. FBINTF: Add missing isc_info_db_read_only to list of decoded Database Information items
   in FBOutputBlock.pas and update test suite to include this item. Avoids error when accessing IBX TIBDatabaseInfo.ReadOnly property.

10. IBDatabaset: Avoid "Object is nil" error when opening a database with DefaultSystemCodePage = true

11. FBINTF: In FB30 Client, avoid calling (transation) start multiple when there is only a single database attachment.

12. IBLookupComboEditBox: avoid race condition when autocompleting text that occasionally  results in autocomplete ignoring prefix text.

13. IBLookupComboEditBox: Ensure that cursor is not reset to start of text when  entering a new name into the text box.

14. IBCustomDataset: ensure that TIBStringField uses the field size reported by  Firebird rather than recomputing it.

15. Property Editor positioning tidy up: All IBX Property editors should now be  screen centre. Previously some were "poDesigned" which may be inappropriate for multi monitor desktops.

16.IBX: Editor Positioning tidy up

17. FBINTF: Trap uninitialised SQL parameters on SQL Exec. Avoids Unknown SQL Type errors. Consistent setting of Modified (SQLParam).

18. FBINTF: Avoid string reference count error when processing an Ansistring
parameter in an array of const passed to IAttachment.OpenCursor, etc.

19. FBINTF: Allow for WideString and UnicodeString parameters in an array
of const passed to IAttachment.OpenCursor, etc.