MWA Software is pleased to announce the release of IBX2 for Lazarus. This is formally a pre-release. Although the software has been put through more extensive testing that any previous release of IBX for Lazarus, there are nevertheless considerable changes to the codebase and a period of in service experience is needed before IBX2 should be considered for production use. User reports, both positive and negative, are encouraged.

IBX2 is available for download from here.

MWA Software is please to announce release 1.4.3 of IBX for Lazarus. This is a maintenance release primarily of interest to Windows users. Specifically:

1. A workaround is provided for bug http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=30622. This bug results in an empty string when transliterating to the CP_NONE character set on Windows and caused several reported errors in IBX.

2. TIBStringField and TIBMemoField now always return UTF8 encoded strings (strings received from the database), if necessary transliterated from the character used to return the string. This avoids LCL issues where the LCL assumes UTF8.

For other changes please see the change log.

This is intended to be the last release in the IBX 1.x.x series. IBX2 is now in testing and will include support for both the legacy Firebird API and the new Firebird 3 API. IBX2 will require fpc 3.0.0 and Lazarus 1.6.0 or later.

MWA Software is pleased to announce that release 1.4.2 of IBX for Lazarus is now available for download. This is a minor release necessary to overcome a compiliation problem with Lazarus 1.7.0 and later due to UTF8 functions being removed from Sysutils. The release also fixes some other minor bugs.

MWA Software is pleased to announce the release of IBX for Lazarus 1.4.1. This is primarily a collection of recent bug fixes, but also introduces proper use of the FPC 3.0.0 AnsiString code page support. See the changelog for full details.